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英语影评100字。 功夫熊猫观后感(中英文对照)Kung Fu Panda is a lazy panda, he works in a small store, one day he went to a selection of dragon to a temple of the competitors, in co欢迎来到大智慧网http://www.dazhihui008.cn/初中作文栏目,本文为大家带来《英语影评100字》,希望能帮助到你。



Kung Fu Panda is a lazy panda, he works in a small store, one day he went to a selection of dragon to a temple of the competitors, in coincidence lazy panda was chosen as the Dragon contender, first everybody doesn't like the panda, because he is very lazy, he didn't like learning kung fu, but we have no way to deal with him.A few days later, the teacher found that the pandas like one thing - eating, panda like eating very much. In order to eat he can do anything, the teacher by training this way it, finally become a first-class master of Kung Fu panda.

It is mainly a fat panda dreams of becoming a kung fu master, and a coincidence that dream become a reality. Of course we need experienced a series of difficult to achieve success.

In the movie what impressed me most was the film in a series of Chinese elements, from the name we can know it is this. Of course, not only have kung fu, and other Chinese elements. In this film, everywhere is full of meaningful dialogues.Such as"To make something special, you just have to believe it's special."

See the "Kung Fu Panda > I think as long as you work hard, everyone can succeed









V for vendetta: the thinker who is not afraid of bullet英语影评100字。

This story starts in the future of British society in a totalitarian rule under high pressure, can not allow the existence of homosexuals, pagans,and other social roles, the people linger in the dark regime. Our protagonist, V, is a forever mysterious masked man with high intelligence and fighting power. V inherited the mission of the former revolutionary hero, in order to overthrow the absurd totalitarian ruling class, he set up a mysterious underground organization, destroying the London landmark, and ignite a raging fire of anti-government. The movie, directed by James McTeigue, successfully shows that ideas are very powerful and live beyond the death of individuals. This is shown throughout the film by the use of plot structure, characterization and cinematography.

As far as the narrative form is concerned, each part is closely linked to the theme of the move. All things considered, V’s action illustrates the history of Guy Fawkes’s bulletproof idea, which contributes to the good of the people. Though Guy Fawkes lost his life in the process of trying to carry out his plan, his idea lived on through the actions of V. It is for this reason people began to realize that how the government was not working to contribute to their betterment, so it was time for a change. Another segment in the movie that explains how V’s mind contributed to the betterment of the people was through the torturing of Evey. When government knew she had contact with V, she was arrested, and suffered a terrifying ordeal. However, it was masterminded by V. Her experience in the prison was just the same experience as V

had, the goal is to help Evey learn to live without fear and let her understand idea is the spiritual force and backbone of human beings. This scene marked the beginning of new hope for the people through Evey’s change. The last scene of the movie shows all of people wore the same clothes as V, and their face were covered with Guy Fawkes’s mask. They filled the Parliament, and witnessed its explosion. In order to protect the bulletproof idea, he sacrificed himself and said: Beneath this mask there is more than flesh, behind this mask is an idea. Because the idea was able to survive, even after V brought down the old government, there was a sense of hope for a new beginning that surrounded the people.

The characterization help to enhance the viewer's impression of the movie, since it gives the movie more depth. Also, since V wears a mask throughout the whole movie, the director needs to show V's mind through the lighting of the scene and the voice and body language of Hugo Weaving (the actor who played V). Although the audience does not see V's expression, the viewer feels his emotion. Because of this Guy Fawkes’s mask, V is representative of sentient beings and idea rather than a person. Evey, the heroine of film (played by the gifted Natalie Portman), is also an important clues to reveal the theme. After a series of torture, she became bold and fearless. Through the change of Evey, people came to a new understanding of what idea meant. The unique characterization has a strength that can see big things through small ones, and it can embody that idea is perpetual and immortal more vividly.

In addition, the usage of cinematography mirrors the movie’s subject. On the one hand, the music used in this movie helps create a mood during the scenes. During the

suspenseful scenes, the background music helps encourage these feelings of distress. One of the songs that was featured in V for Vendetta is the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky that plays twice in the movie. The song is first played when V demolished the "Old Bailey," and also when the Parliament building is destroyed. It is this majestic music that has made V a hero rather than a terrorist who fights for freedom and ideological emancipation. On the other hand, the color in this film is not innocent and middle-ground, color selection and its cultural metaphor is often the beginning of artistic creation. The clearest example is that film is based on the dark and intense story, so the main color is also black and red, and this is same with the V’s cloths. The cinematography as a means of correlating the theme of movie: idea is extraordinarily powerful.

In conclusion, V for Vendetta tells the process of liberation of the people’s mind by its rational structure, profound characterization, and original cinematography. For these reasons is why the film V for Vendetta directed by James McTeigue is successful and stunning. All in all, one thing is worth us to remember by this movie is that idea can be powerful and live beyond the death of individuals.



Zootopia, a brilliant fantasy from Disney Animation, has become the most popular film in the world since it has been released. The film, set in a city where predators and prey come to live together in peace, is a funny designed cartoon. This cartoon is one of the rare gems that takes all of elements very carefully. So it appeals all ages, both kids and adults.

This Disney Animation is a story about Judy Hops(voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin),who manages to become the first bunny cop in the city of Zootopia because all the cops are lions and other massive creatures. Hops met a sly and clever fox named Nick Wilde. And Wilde helps her investigate the phenomenon that predators begin to revert back to their instinctual nature. Finally, Bunny Hops and Fox Wilde found the truth and fall in love with each other.

Unlike general carton, Zootopia is composed of many elements and it has a thoughtful and significant message that will impact both kids and adults. It is skillful and quick-witted when making

metaphorical connections to our culture. When we think our real world, we will find that we live in a melting-pot big city like Zootopia which full filled of racial discrimination and societal

groups are “predators” and which are herbivores. Each plot validates the sense of how the world works. Meanwhile there are plenty of

jokes that will fly over kids heads and the humor never gets too silly. It’s a great balance that makes an animated kids films so great.

阿甘正传观后感 中英文对照

Life is like a box of chocolates, results are often surprising

If you do not insist on the struggle of life do not never know what will happen next, which were last seen Lieutenant Dan felt vicissitudes of life. Finally with the help of his Forrest Gump and his shrimp together. Gradually found their confidence and enjoyment of life. Calm when sitting in the ship's side with two hands on the Agam said, "had never told you thank you, you saved my life." Then jump into the water to swim with the two arms heartily. You can feel his pleasure. Finally, he and Forrest Gump's shrimp big success, became a rich man on the magazine cover. In the film's end, Agam, and beloved Janet got married, filled with metal made of two legs Lieutenant Dan, carrying his fiancee, or an Oriental. (Will not be a Chinese person) to attend their wedding. Dan looked very spirit, and said his leg is a "rigged spacecraft materials used." He seems to have found the courage to live by. This is Forrest Gump gave him the courage and conditions.

Life or a short is also a short, saying that a long and long. Boundless, the Dow could not finish. Forrest Gump's experience, but also like a legend. He looks silly, there is a strong running legs, has been kept running, do not know why. Like his mother say, "Life

is like a box of chocolate, you do not know where the next one out of what that smell is." The Forrest Gump always said "Stupid is as stupid does." Silly on the way according to stupid to do. Could it be his motto.

No man is born that is silly. Everyone has their own unique mettle and talent. Every people has its own way of doing things and life. Important to have the same indomitable spirit of Forrest Gump. In order to "stupid people have stupid fu."

Finish watching this film, and I'm enjoying. Which, like Forrest Gump in the running when the scenery is really cultivate people's hearts. Many languages, like the film as thought-provoking motto. Told colorful content. Many of the practice of some humorous Forrest Gump. In the humorous atmosphere, but also appreciate the Forrest Gump of Jennifer affectionate, and the other people moving. In short this is a separate people appreciate a good film 生命就像一盒巧克力,结果往往出人意料英语影评100字。



人生,说短也短,说长也长。说不尽,道不完。阿甘的经历,又像是一场传奇。他看似傻,却有有力奔跑的腿,一直不停地奔跑,不用知道为什么。就像他的妈妈说的一句话“生活就像盒子里的巧克力糖,你不知道下一个拿出来的是什么味道”。而阿甘常说的“Stupid is as stupid does.“傻就照傻的方式做。难道是他的格言。




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